“Suerte Musical Tucson’s Tejano and Variety Entertainment Band was founded August 2010 and is proud to provide quality music for public dancing, entertainment and listening pleasure. Showcasing the Big Brass Sound that Suerte brings when performing at various functions. Not only does this band pride itself on replicating the Big-Band Sounds of yesteryear, but also incorporates the innovative styles of today’s music from artists such as, Jay Perez, David Lee Garza and George Strait and Little Joe Y La Familia to name just a few.


Band Members:

·     Henry Inocencio -(Lead Vocals)

·     Mike Alegria-Drums (Band Leader)

·     Ben Saucedo- Bass Guitar (Manager)

·     Frank Grijalva-Guitar (Music Director, Vocals)

·  Johnny Ray & Alex Valencia  -Keyboards, (Vocals)


Suerte Horns:

·     Louie Ramirez Sr.-1st Trumpet (Vocals)

·     Louie Ramirez Jr. -2nd Trumpet (Backup Vocals)

·   Eddie Federico -Alto/Tenor Sax


Suerte Musical


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